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Wow I just joined this forum, and I can honestly say is nice to know I am not alone, I have been having digestive problems for a few years. However after the last strong treatment of antibiotics, my problems got worse, and my GI doctor said it was irritable bowel syndrome. However, I felt it was more than that, something had to be causing IBS.
I progressively got worse, so I was forced to do lots of internet research on my own, that’s how I came across this website. After reading about the symptoms and what causes candida overgrowth I knew my problem was caused by candida. I just saw my doctor yesterday and I told him that I believed I have candida overgrow because my bloating and symptoms keep getting worse, so he said he will schedule another, (my third) endoscopy of my upper GI, to see if I have candida overgrow.

After reading about the diet to kill candida I started the diet. I am used to eating healthy, but I sometimes I over indulge with desert. Often I had cravings for carbohydrates like muffins or sweet breads. After my last antibiotic treatment, plus using the birth control pill, bloating got very bad.
When I read about the diet I decided to start asap, which was 3 day ago, first day I felt sick all day, then on the second day I had one buckwheat pancake and my day was not as bad, but I read buckwheat should be on the 3rd stage, so no pancake today and feel sick, the first day I felt to tired and couldn’t concentrate at work, then the second day I made buckwheat pancakes and I felt better.
Then I realized after reading that those should be for the 3rd stage I didn’t eat then today, so I feel sick again. Nauseous, bloated and I don’t want to be around people. I already lost 3 lbs in 3 days, and I am not happy about that, so reading about getting the leaky gut, worries me. I used to feel alone, my husband doesn’t seen to be too sympathetic about my problem, which I understand… unless they are in your shoes and feel what we feel is hard for them to know what we are going through.
Is nice to read what others are experiencing to know if what we feel is normal.
Thank you all for sharing and I hope we all get better. I can’t wait to that day when I feel better