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Able900 wrote:

“…am waiting for my blood purifyer to come because its supposed to kill candida in a few weeks. If it works i will be posting the results on here.”
What is this I never heard about it??!

Hi, Thomas.

A typical blood purifier is a mixture of herbs which will help to detox the body, but they can’t heal or kill all the Candida anymore than a glass of water can. There are plenty of products which are ‘supposed’ to cure a Candida infestation in two weeks or two months or whatever, but as I think everyone on this forum knows by now, they won’t. The only things that can “kill” Candida are antifungals and acid producing bacteria.

Blood-cleansing and general detox herbs are:

Burdock, red clover, milk thistle, yellow dock, chaparral leaf, goldenseal root, mistletoe herb, cat’s claw, bloodroot, Oregon grape, and cayenne, among others. One of the best blood purifiers available the simple, lovable lemon.

“Live long and grow wiser.”

ah, I see, thank you again. I guess I only move on with our plan here at the forum.