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Latka wrote: That’s very interesting. I’ve already come to the conclusion that my biggest problem is oestrogen dominance. Just don’t know what to do about it. I also have a self diagnosed dairy intolerance (consuming dairy increases the swelling in my body) even though all my tests show no dairy intolerance. It is possible then that it is the increased oestrogen messing things up for me. Though what’s also interesting is that consuming home made kefir is what made things a lot worse for me; I am not entirely sure it was because of the dairy actually, could have been the cultures? I came to suspect that and then I heard this guy, Josh Rubin mentioning that it is often the cultures that cause the problem.

Have you verified your oestrogen dominance with labs? Have you read any of what Peat says about it? Progesterone supplementation can quickly relieve symptoms if you’re sure the oestrogen/progesterone ratio is too high (it should be 1:10 apparently). Other things I’ve seen mentioned that lower oestrogen are adequate protein, B-vitamins, calcium, vitamin E, thyroid and aspirin. Peat actually has his own progesterone supplement called Progest-E that’s mixed with vitamin E oil. It’s a lot easier to accurately dose than creams, which are unreliably absorbed and usually full of junk (sometimes oestrogens!) too. I’m not recommending anything, but you might want to read up on it if your oestrogen is high. Avoiding dietary oestrogens (legumes esp. soy, raw crucifers etc) and other sources like plastics, pesticides, many commercial creams and cosmetics etc is safe for anyone though. Apparently the ole raw carrot can prevent reabsorption in the gut too.