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It’s quite difficult to gain enough focus to writhe in English at the time.

From tomorrow and on I will take the following:

1. As you told me, a higher grade of probiotic: Udo’s choice (actually, before mentioned in this tread, I saw this in a local biostore). 30 billion, 1 early in the morning before anything eaten. And again 2 hours after the last meal in the evening, before bedtime.

2. A non-sugar containing oral suspension of nystatin, after each meal.

I’m not eating pork, beef ore rice.

But I believe that there is way to many carbohydrates in my diet, and then again there is to little variation in it. If I eat less carbs, I loose weight to fast (already lost 10kg, unfortunately most muscletissue)

Here is what I eat in a day:

In the morning: before breakfast: 2 multidophilus pills (6 billion bacteria)
Plain yoghurt that has a larger amount of lactobacillus then normal, but only 2-3 tablespoons, it’s still diary.

After that, I make the real breakfast: 2 pieces of non-yeast wholegrain bread, toasted and soaked in olive oil. Scrimps on top, onion, avocado, green salads with white and red cabbage.

I make a big salad for the whole day to put onto my food, containing green stuff, cabbage and so on, nothing for the candida.

2. meal: could be 1 omelet (3 eggs) with salads an 2 pieces of same bread. A little garlic sometimes.

3. meal: yoghurt, occasionally with sunflower seeds ore pumpkin seeds

4. meal: salads, mostly fried fish with damped or fresh vegetables. Comes along with wholegrain pasta or same bread.

5. meal: yoghurt again.

As I mentioned earlier: After each meal: 2 nystatin pills, and the oral suspension.
before bedtime: 2 multidophilus again.

Now this would be the kind of food I would eat in a low-energy day, other days I have the energy to make some different recipes.

As you can clearly see, I have cut out most natural antifungals, this is due to the theory that I took a lot of them last year and only got worse (far worse then I am now).

I can’t believe that a very high dosage of antibacterial food such as garlic without taking ANY probiotic, not even simple yoghurt does anything good for the gut flora.

My experience is that the more probiotics and helpers for bacteria I eat, the more benefits I get from.. lets say peppermint tea which is antifungal and antibacterial too.

Since I’ve almost systematic have destroyed my gut flora, the plan is to build up more bacteria from the lactobacillus stems and THEN introduce more natural anti-fungals.

What do you guys think of this?

Also: Damp and muggy areas: My apartment lacks of a proper ventilation system, however it’s very could outside at the time, so I open windows often to get in the dry air. I worsen VERY much in humid climate, anyone have good advice here?
I even plan to throw out my only plant.

/sorry if there is too much bad gramma.