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Soooooo many different factors at play here dictate whether you will experience die off or not.

I’m pretty sure that dosage is pretty small. I also was on nystatin for 10 days and it did absolute nothing for me. People who have had results with nystatin tend to be a much larger dose and it’s usually the pure powder form. Did your doctor give you that crap that has sugar all through it and tastes like banana? Just goes to show you how well the medical industry understands candida. They actually make a medicine for candida laced with sugar….

Myself personally I’ve been taken a ton of antifungals nad not really getting any die off lately but alas my symptoms still persist so I decided to start taking a more powerful probiotic. I’m having quite a bit of die off again. Mild body aches and huge sinus congestion.

My advice, take the nystatin and if it doesn’t work, ask for a larger does and see if you can get it without the flavoring in its pure form. It may taste like absolute crap but it’s worth it to have no sugar in it.