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I don’t really understand much of the text you posted.

The trigger that started all of this for me was about a year ago. My fiancee had just gotten over being very very ill, sore, fatigued and 2 healthy rounds of antibiotics. We had sex and stupidly enough, she was on the counter above a running dishwasher which burnt the underside of my penis. I was left very sore. About 4 days later I got some very small blisters/ulcers around the base of the tip. Went to the doctor, she said it was nothing but did a culture which came back positive for HSV and gave me valtrex, by then the symptoms had cleared. I never once got ulcers or blisters after that fact. I went in for a blood test and it came up positive for hsv-1 only and indicated it was an old exposure. No hsv-2, no HIV or any std’s (I was tested 6 months later again with the same results) Then I would get itchy after we had sex, I thought it was due to the hsv, so i would take my valtrex and it never helped. I would get little red dots/areas after sex that would also be itchy. A few months later I found that she had a very mild and persistant yeast infection and it took a couple rounds of antifungals for her to kick it.
I went to the doctor again, she put me on daily valtrex. No change. I went to another doctor who said this is a mild skin yeast infection, gave me cream and saw no evidence of any type of hsv. The itchyness continued and eventually no longer came after sex but was always itchy. I was given a weeks worth of diflucan, no change. I tried natural remedys, applied unsweetened yogurt, ate unsweetened yogurt, tried Olive leaf extract, probiotics, vitamin c (3000mg daily), vitamin b complex, lysine, all kinds of stuff. I still have the underlying symptoms.

The underlying symptoms are-

occasional hotness in thighs
sore, chafed feeling in upper thighs…skin feels raw as I walk (nothing visable)
occasional light redness to scrotum
sore scrotum skin, feels like it’s scratched all over. especially noticeable when the skin is tight.
itchyness everywhere in groin area
“pin prick” feeling in groin area, kinda jumps around

About 4 months ago is when the skin broke out in a nasty yeast infection that ate the top layer of the skin. The new doctor said this was in no way hsv in his opinion but a yeast infection. He doubts I ever had a hsv-1 outbreak it was probably just a blister from the burn. His cream cleared up the skin yeast, but the underlying symptoms, are still there.

It’s worse when I sweat but happens when the area is dry too. The weirdest thing is both times I went on vacation the symptoms seemed to clear up. The first time I lived in a old, possibly moldy house so i thought the house was the trigger. Now I live in a much newer place and they cleared up when I left again, then returned when I got home. As stupid as it sounds, I’m sort of wondering if it’s a allergic reaction to my dog now. It’s the dumbest theory I’ve come up with but to be honest I’m desperate to get better.