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Hello, Courtnix, and welcome to the forum.

It’s difficult to believe that you’re taking so many supplements and antifungals after just six days on the treatment; and if you truly have a Candida infestation, I’m amazed that you’re not literally dying from die-off toxins since it seems you’ve taken no precautions.

Have you read the forum’s Protocol?

I could not find Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate anywhere. Maybe I’m looking for the wrong thing/in the wrong place?

Amazon and the other online vitamin stores carry this form of Molybdenum.

butter, quinoa, chickpeas, almonds, walnuts

All of these will cause your treatment to take much longer than necessary.

Can I eat organic corn chips or plain potato chips occasionally?

A simple word equation should explain this.
Rice/potatoes = starch = glucose = sugar = food for the Candida

Is it bad that I’m not experiencing many die-off symptoms?

It isn’t ‘bad’ but it does make me wonder if you actually have Candida (the spit test isn’t worth the time it takes to type the words).

When can I drink alcohol again? I love love love gin and lemon water… and I feel like it would be the least abrasive alcohol choice to my system.

Drink any type of alcohol only if you wish to stop your treatment, as that’s basically what you’ll be doing.

WHAT DO I DO? How do I prepare my body for this? How do I stop myself from undoing all the work I’ve already done?

The best you can do is your only choice, other than what you’re doing now. Correct your mistakes and stay strictly with it for as long as you can until you leave. Once you’ve made the move, stick with green vegetables and eggs as much as possible. Can you take coconut oil and any other antifungals with you?

Also, will you be able to make kefir? These suggestions will help as much as possible in the situation you’re going to be in.

Good luck to you, and please let us know if you have more questions.