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There are thousands of ideas and suggestions we could give you, but it would help us to be aware of what you already know since you say you’re finishing up the first stage. Maybe you could tell us what your diet on stage one consisted of.


Able – Thanks for your support and great posts throughout the forum. I learned a lot from you yesterday. I’m doing a Candida Yeast Overgrowth Diet with my doctor and he suggested I learn from this site. And I have! His Step 1 is Step 2 here… and thankfully so, or I’d be like the others with the gagging and throwing-up. I do have a vegetable broth I drink and have done some cleansing. Somewhere I read that it’s ok to skip Step 1, but I can’t find it today. I know what I’ve done is right so far because my headaches are terrible, brain fog is thick as pea soup, and …. there was something else…. oh well…. I can’t think straight. I’m on anti-fungals, enzymes, and probiotics as well as Vitamin C and others to help the detox. This is my 4th attempt at getting rid of the candidiasis…. other doctors’ attempts were lame… not one had anti-fungals. Not one of those attempts was long enough either. So, I know I’m finally going to get it right this time! 🙂