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dvjorge wrote:

As I understand it the strict diet does not list tomatoes because some folks have issues with it. However, when I read that able ate tomatoes while curing his own candida infestation I tried some myself and I also have no issues or reactions to tomatoes. After that, the door was open. I relised that a few of the foods on the old strict forum diet were omitted because of a few folks having reactions.

What I am doing it testing foods that are on the website and not on the old strict diet that able and raster have released. Every person is different and the safest rout is to follow the diet that most forum members use. However for folks like me who grew up on meat and potatoes I am willing to risk a bad reaction to bring in new foods into the diet that will be benificial and not really feed the candida. The strict diet sucks so does the forum one for that matter. But candida sucks worse. So its all about testing new foods that do not feed candida and watching total sugar intake form the veggies you do eat.


Salmon was a no go for me
Rutabaga has twice now given me a reaction so i am giving that up. It could be that I have never eaten them prior to this diet.
The two items were on both forum and the website diet if I recall with salmon being reccomended in small doses. But neither work for me.

Items not on the strict forum diet that I can have are Peppers, tomatoes and blueberries. All these I have tested in small amounts looking for a bad reaction and found none. I also eat quinoa, I dont recall if that was on the old strict diet but it works for me but not for some others.

Spaghetti squash which is on the website but not on the old stict forum diet did not work for me…sucks because I wanted a good pasta substiute.

Next up for me to test is Snow pea pods. I have never eaten them before.

We are all in this togeather and if you want the safe sure rout stick to the forum diet. Ask around and im sure someone will send it to you. Otherwise dont be afraid to test foods out on the diet listed on this website because everyone is different and if you can get away with eating tomatoes then no point in excluding that from your diet. Same with almonds, make sure they are soaked and raw. The mold will mess your diet up. So if your going to risk it do it right.

I am interested on knowing what kind of reaction do you experiment with the food you
mention ??

nausea is the primary symptom when I screw up.

Its a symptom I delt with prior to the diet for a long time and the diet cured me of it except in the instances I listed above. Also when I had some corned beef toward the beginning of the diet. Since my other symptoms are what I believe part of die off I stick to the primary one that put me on the diet to begin with.