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As I mentioned, the allergic reactions could be die-off symptoms. You should try and find Molybdenum and Candidate by Native Remedies as soon as possible, both of which will help significantly with the die-off symptoms.

Concerning your reaction to the coconut oil, my question is how much did you take or did you just use it in cooking? You had been on the diet for four days when you tried the coconut oil last night; depending on how much you had plus the fact that you were probably in at least a mild stage of die-off, the oil could have triggered a stronger a die-off reaction. Was the pain immediately following the oil or a bit later? Coconut oil is actually not only a big plus for the Candida treatment, but for your diverticulosis as well.

Speaking of diverticulosis (diverticulitis as well); research reports claim that natural aids for that are silica supplements or silica sources such as oat bran, nettle leaf, and seaweeds as well as foods high in vitamin C, just avoid those with small seeds, of course. Yucca root combined with licorice root is good for cleaning out the diverticula. All of these products are suitable to the Candida treatment.

You probably know to stay away from psyllium husk (with or without diverticulitis) which is mentioned often for cleansing during a Candida treatment (can be dangerous).

Also, be sure not to take coarsely ground herbs as they sometimes contain bits of seed. You probably already knew all of that, just making sure.

As long as you’re not receiving a reaction from the tomatoes I think perhaps half a tomato twice a week would be fine. Stop eating anything that you believe you’ve received a Candida symptom reaction to.

I would leave the almond butter alone for two weeks during a complete ‘food’ cleanse. Brazil nuts? I thought you were avoiding nuts because of the diverticulosis. But if not I would still leave them alone for now.