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Hi Able!

It’s been a while!

I’m on day 26 and my stomach feels great, but I am still suffering from the great itch! Eyes, throat, and a runny nose…much like regular allergies but magnified tremendously. New undereye circles that I have never had as well.

Finally went to the doc yesterday for bloodwork. I am waiting for the results, but he seems to think I have developed new food allergies during the course of this diet. He also suspects anemia. If that’s the case, how exactly do I deal with this new development (possible new allergies)? Do I have to eliminate everything and start at step one again? Currently I am eating eggs, fish, veggies, brown rice, olive oil, almond butter, and I introduced a tiny bit of granny smith apple, and a bit of tomato.

I started the coconut oil last week, but felt so ill after a tsp that I stopped. I have not started the probiotic either, thinking the itchiness was die-off that I am dealing with.

The Candidate and Molybdenum do not seem to be easing the symptoms at all.

Currently I am taking
a multivitamin
Vitamin C

Cut out all other antifungals besides garlic and olive oil.

Do you have any other suggestions about what I should do?