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I have been doing pretty good for 7 years but due to a heart missing beat my stress level went through the moon. Therefore my candida cam back big time leaving me with a light case of ulcers and a hiatal hernia. Wow, have I been suffering and chasing my tail trying to find a doc to help. Last week my nutritional doc put me on caprol, phyllium, probiatic and bentonite drink once per day. The die off was killing me so I took three days off. Now that I am on Beta Blocker, I am calm down and back on my old fish, eggs, chicken and vegetable diet. I have lost 28 lbs and look like a rail. I was taking Threelac and after a while it didn’t seem to work like before. I was taking three per day. Years ago I took capril and it worked great for about 7 years and then I switched for awhile to GSE. What I am saying is I need help again. I am very strict about my diet.