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taurusamorous wrote: The multivitamin is Weil (Andrew Weil, MD) Daily Multivitamin for Optimum Health. His philosophies don’t bother me like most MDs do. I feel that I need to be taking a multivitamin while in stage 1 for sure. Do you suggest I get additional Molybdenum?
Oh, is it ok to eat edamame?F

Edamame is supposedly an alternative choice for soybeans, so I would guess that it’s alright, but I’ve not been able to find a lot of research with edamame in the past. Perhaps making it a ‘test’ food is a wise decision if you want to try them.

I looked at your multiple vitamins from Weil, and it’s a perfect example of the biggest problem I have with multiple vitamins which is the percentages of daily requirements on the label.

One capsule of Weil’s multiple contains 833% of the daily requirement of Vitamin B12, on the other hand it only contains 33% of the requirement for Biotin (B7). Does this seem logical? Why would anyone need 8 times the minimum daily requirement for one B vitamin, and not even 100% of another one? It makes no sense, are they trying to say that the minimum requirements are totally incorrect?

Biotin is one of the most important B vitamins in a Candida treatment, but with Weil’s vitamin you could easily become deficient in Biotin simply from taking far more than is needed of others. This only causes the natural ratio of B vitamins in the human body to become completely out of sync.

Biotin’s contribution to the treatment of Candida is its ability to prevent Candida albicans from converting to an invasive, fungal and dangerous form. The form I’m speaking of is that of a fungus with branching root-like filaments which are capable of embedding into the intestinal walls thus allowing the Candida to move into the bloodstream and possibly leading to septic shock.

As far as the Molybdenum is concerned, you can go ahead and purchase some additional, or you can wait and see if that amount will protect you from bad die-off symptoms. You’re not possibly planning to take more than one of the multiple vitamins a day, are you?

Quote: “It’s day 6 of stage 1 and I am feeling like a new woman!”
I was very pleased to see the above statement, Taurus.