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Hi Able,

So I ordered the Candidate online and I should be getting it later this week. I found a multivitamin with Molybdenum (as Biokey molybdenum chelate) 75mcg…but it says it’s 100% of the daily value. Do I take an additional dose?If so how much?

I used quite a bit of the coconut oil in cooking. The pain was immediately afterward.I will continue to use it, despite the discomfort it caused.

Yes…diverticulosis….I don’t really eat oat bran in general, but the other things you mentioned I do have in my diet. Thank you for the suggestions!

It’s interesting what you say about the psyllium husk. My GI told me to take it DAILY to get more fiber and clean out the colon. Strange, right? It does cause bloating and I stopped using it a few months ago.

I’ll cut down on the tomatoes 🙁 and steer clear of the almond butter for a few weeks. I thought Brazil nuts would be ok because they are not as course, but I should probably cut all nuts and seeds out in general.

Thanks again,