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Hi Able,

Thanks for your quick response.
I know the Molybdenum is supposed to aid the liver in this process…I am taking 150 mcg (200%DV) in addiction to the 75 mcg (100%DV) that is in my multivitamin. I am also taking 5 mg of Biotin and milk thistle 2x/day as well. I have cut out all anti-fungals (except for a little bit of garlic here and there), thinking that this is a die off problem that is happening to me.

I have no pain in my liver. I am just going off of what I have been reading in my research of this severe body itching…everyone says it is liver function.

The Candidate should be coming tomorrow.

What else can I do in the meantime besides Epsom salt baths? What else will help my liver detox?

New allergy? What do you mean? I thought the whole point of the diet was to eliminate everything that could potentially be causing an allergy to the digestive system in the first place.

I have not tried taking any of my allergy meds such as allegra, claritin, etc. Trying to play it safe here, but am really struggling.

How else can I build up the adrenals and increase the flora in my intestines. I never started taking the 50 million probiotics because I am afraid that the die off will feel worse. My diet has not changed except that I am now eating brown rice to give me energy and sustain me.