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Hi Rob,

Ufortunately the buckwheat products you list have all got another thickener or sweetener in them so aren’t recommended on this diet. As Thoas says, spend a little time studying the food list and protocol and start from there. It really is a case of back to basics with you food – go to your local farmers market for fresh organic eggs & chicken. Stock up on loads of the allowed veggies and start experimenting! Also get coconut oil & olive oil in and they’re all you’ll need for cooking/ sauteeing etc.

Any healthfood shop in th UK will have buckwheat and buckwheat flour. Forget about the creamed one the lads refer to because we can’t get it here.

But mostly – if you feel you have candida then hang your hat on just 1 “system” and stick to it 100%. This forums suggestions are the strictest you’ll find anywhere on the web and therefore a lot of discipline is needed. BUT It does work. It has worked for me (until I stupidly drank wine and kick started the whole thing again!). If you continue to eat nuts, seeds, any carbs then your symptoms will continue indefinitely.

You worry about losing weight – make some buckwheat or coconut bread, eat loads of organic eggs, eat avocado, coconut oil keeps the weight from falling I’ve found… and spoon you’ll be able to reintroduce other things that will help in that regard.

I know its confusing and you probably feel you’re going round in circles… but if you make a decision to follow this you’ll be taking back the control and the more you read here, the more you’ll learn. You’re incredibly lucky to have founf this forum and the lads (mostly Able) will prove to be a Godsend to you.

I wish you well in your recovery and look forward to getting to know you.