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How long should I take it for? (molybdenum)

As long as you’re having physical die-off symptoms. This is usually between 2 and 5 weeks, but can be less or even more. This is something you have to test to know whether or not you need it. You can lower the amount by one pill after a few weeks to see if you experience a die-off reaction, but for the time being I would definitely stay on three pills, 250 mcg each, taken three times a day, continue to drink lots and lots of water, and soak in a hot tub or take saunas every day.

When should I start taking the probiotics again?

Before you start back on the probiotics, let’s look at your situation again in about two weeks after we get those toxins out of the way. The same goes for Diflucan; just hold off on that indefinitely as it’s not going to cure the infestation anyway. Meanwhile, if you stay on the diet, this is going to be destroying enough Candida for you to deal with.

Another thing that I am quite concerned about is that I believe I may be developing a urinary tract infection. I really don’t want to take any more antibiotics and drinking cranberry juice is obviously not an option. Is there anything else that I can take to treat the infection without the use of antibiotics? I really don’t want to go down that road again……

UTI’s are so normal during a Candida infestation I sometimes think it should be listed as the main symptom, especially among women. Purchase some cranberry extract capsules and follow the instructions on the label for taking them. Also purchase vitamin C, any type – any price since hey don’t have to be expensive to work. Purchse the vitamin C pillsm not capsules. They should contain either 1000 or 500 mg. Take 1000 mg three times a day, morning, noon, and night. These two supplements are the best supplements to take in order to hold off a urinary tract infection.

Let us know if you have other concerns, please.