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Hello, Amanda, welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately the problem with Esomeprazole (brand name Nexium) is that the only thing it does is treat the symptoms and does nothing in the way of addressing the cause, which is almost always the diet.

Omeprazole (brand name Prilosec) is basically a lesser strength form of a proton pump inhibitor than is Nexium. Another difference between Prilosec and Nexium, other than the cost, is Prilosec has been approved for children 2 years old and up, whereas Nexium is prescribed only for adults. The fact that the drugs only treat the symptoms and not the cause explains why your stomach is hurting again as these prescriptions were unable to ‘cure’ the problem.

Hypothyroid is often a side effect of a Candida infestation, but I doubt seriously if you’ll ever run across a medical doctor who will admit to this. If they admit this fact, then what they’ve done basically is admit that a Candida infestation is a real issue with people, and this is something that they avoid doing, because then they’ll be forced to treat the infestation, which they have no idea how to go about doing – other than writing prescriptions for side-effect inducing drugs, and many won’t even do that much. The improvement in the fatigue is due to the Levothyroxine as it has improved your thyroid hormone levels.

Quote: “angioadema breakout (deep tissue hives) and that they can either be contact allergies or an autoimmune issue. Seems like many people with angioadema have thyroid issues also.”

They usually have a Candida infestation as well. The Angioedema could be caused by several factors, such as allergies brought on by leaky gut syndrome and weakened adrenals which of course as you stated, can lead to autoimmune issues.

Ringworm is just another of the many manifestations of an overgrowth of Candida just like thrush and athlete’s foot.

Quote: “Candida can help explain nearly everything going on with me.”

Yes I agree 100% with your diagnoses. I would start the Candida diet as soon as possible. If you’ve had Candida for 2 to 3 years, the treatment period will be longer than had you just contracted it a few months ago, so the sooner you get started, the sooner the cure will happen. I suggest, if you’ve not already done so, that you read more of the posts on the forum, especially one titled “Die-off Dangers” posted on Aug. 8. You’ll eventually need this information in order to continue with the treatment.

Also, I wouldn’t go strictly by any particular timeline that you see on this site or any other site as far as following the diet. Each and every person should have their own specific timeline, that is to say, there is no way one timeline will work for everyone.

In your other post you asked, “My question is, do I ONLY consume the broth, detox drink and liver flush or am I supposed to eat food too?”

If you choose to eat as well as detox, you should have only fresh green vegetables lightly steamed or raw. You can also do a ten-day detox by eating nothing but fresh or frozen green vegetables, one or two organic eggs a day for protein, perhaps the liver flush as long as it doesn’t contain psyllium husk or powder, and pure bottled water or fresh lemon juice – no sweetner for the ten day period. I don’t know what type of broth they’re talking about as I had nothing to do with the diet suggestions on the site.