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xday2dazex wrote: Hi, so I’m wondering what I should add to my diet to get the right amount of protein in my diet because my doctor says I need to get around 50 grams a day in (my blood is abnormal because of lack of protein). I used to eat from 4-8 eggs a day but got worried about cholesterol levels and my naturopath said eating so many eggs will burden my liver too much. I tried hemp seeds a while ago but couldn’t tolerate them, and I don’t want to overdo it on salmon/chicken. Does anyone have a good suggestion to get up to 50 grams a day in a healthy way? I was also wondering if it’s safe to take BCAA’s at early stages of the treatment, because if so, I’ll just grab some from whole foods. Thanks.


I would consider changing your doctors. Even most of the old school docs have accepted the eggs/cholesterol myth, was it exactly that. If it bothers you, poach or boil your eggs. Most people with high cholesterol will lower it by reducing process foods (which you have to do on candida diet) & do some exercise (which depending what stage you are in, will be easier or harder).

Have you tried hemp seed protein? you might tolerate it better. You can variate low mercury fish sources, vary your poultry (chicken, guinea fowl, turkey, wood pigeon – all organic).

50g is very low, I had that for breakfast this morning in fact:
-Coconut water kefir blended with 50g of hemp protein & 25g of flaxseed
-2 eggs
-100g of sauerkraut
-Chicory coffee, with 5g of maca powder.