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stovariste;46364 wrote: speaking off…

I cannot find any Online store where its possible to buy these recommended brands that will ship to Europe.

I did find innate response on iHerb, they are not bad 14 strains and DDS-1 inside.


I’ve also had trouble finding a good quality probiotic. The best I’ve found is ultimate flora at GNC which is 10 strain and 50 billion.

Looks like I made a mistake and thinking ultimate flora 50 billion was close to GNC complex 50 billion. GNC complex only has 4 strains where as mega flora has 10.

I’m going to use it anyways for now because it’s better than nothing but next time I will splurge the extra 10 bucks and get the better quality.

Seeing anything with a 50 billion count got me excited cause all we really have around here is pharmacy’s and their probiotics are awful. Most I’ve seen in a pharmacy probiotic is 5 million and they are a fortune at 30 plus dollars. So I guess I got a little too excited when I seen 50 billion for 30 dollars at GNC lol. Oh well. Live and learn.