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Hello, Monita.

Many medical scientists believe that Candida Albicans be a contribution as well as cause of diabetes. When a Candida infestation takes hold of a human body, the natural immunity of the body practicaly disappears, the beneficial lactobacillus in the intestines die, and the Candida which is naturally in our system begins to grow and change. This can naturally affect a person’s pre-deposition by allowing the digestion to become less and less effective and the body can eventually become obese which can cause diabetes Type II.
Or, the Candida invades the body cells which in turn causes a yeast infection and allergies. If the yeast/Candida invades the pancreas, then the production of hormones including insulin decreases and the result is Type I.

If a person is both a diabetic and is suffering from a Candida albicans infestation the blood sugars are normally easier to control if the Candida treatment is started.

How long have your parents had diabetes? I don’t know what type of diet your parents are already on, so I really wouldn’t want to suggest a diet. If they’re on a diabetic diet, then they’re probably already eating fairly low carbs as it is, but it would be interesting to know what they are actually eating at this time.

I can say that no matter what the illness or disease is, a low count of beneficial bacteria and low immunity played a part in the cause. Assuming that your parents are already on a fairly low carb diet, I would suggest adding the following.
* Homemade kefir
* Organic non-sweetened Greek yogurt with active, live cultures
* Naturally fermented sauerkraut

Also a probiotic with a good, high count with as many strains as possble. Be sure it contains Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 as this type will secrete antifungal and antimicrobial agents which specifically protect against Type 1 Diabetes, plus it’s beneficial to treating a Candida infestation. One brand that contains this particular stran is MegaFlora by MegaFood.