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I think most people were not on a high healthy sugar diet in the past and it causes people to mistakenly blame sugar. I am not saying white sugar is good for you I advocate natural sugars found in fruits and raw honey. I have followed numerous diets for the past 2 years, I have tried every candida supplement and probiotic as well as every prebiotic fiber. I have done every cleanse and I am telling you none of it works.

I think people will only benefit from my advice because no one here has tried it and everyone here is following the same no sugar advice and not winning their battle with candida. I don’t advocate eating apples either and I like you found I could not tolerate them well. I advise citrus and tropical fruits as well as raw organic honey.

If you don’t believe me go buy a small jar of organic raw honey, eat a few tablespoons and look in the mirror at your tongue. I have beaten candida and I will continue to explain to people how to beat it so that they do not struggle for years like I did not eating sugar and trying supplement after supplement when none of it works.

I doubt anyone here with candida was eating organic raw honey and a bunch of organic fruits and juices when they came down with their candida problem, if you were then I would love to hear about your experience.