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Vegan Catlady
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Sorry Lkjoy, I have never heard of anyone getting rid of candida overgrowth with 4 doses of diflucan.
For a vaginal yeast infection,maybe.

I would spend some time on the forum reading.

There are links to studies showing that some natural antifungals work better than their pharmaceutical counterparts.

If you use the search engine, you can get specific posts from the forum on caprylic acid,diflucan,ect, while you wait for answers.

Your best bet isnt an MD but an ND.

No traditional medical doctor acknowledges candida overgrowth in a way that will be meaningful to you, from what I have read.
I spent almost 1000$ on mine before I got rid of her and found a naturopathic doctor instead.
My MD would have prescribed me as much diflucan as I was willing to take. I said hell no.

But do a little reading, it will help you out immensely.