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I can unfortunatly not tell you anything about Oregano Oil, but I can say that once I put Grapefruit Seed Extract direct on the skin on the inside off my throat. My skin started to corrode and it was impossible to wash away. It was scary as xxx but I’m happy to say nothing serious happened except for the pain which was bearable. This happened a couple of months ago when I didn’t know so much about the power of antifungals. I’ll never take GSE again, I don’t think it’s safe for internal use. The best is not to experiment with those strong oils.

My experience of SF722, which raster recommends, is that it’s a lot kinder to the system. Hope you’ll find a safe way to heal. Are you doing the forum protocol with diet and antifungals? Coconut oil is the best of the best – maybe you could even pour it down your ear? (but don’t take my word for it, wait for someone with more knowledge to guide you.)

Update: How to use coconut oil to clear up an ear infection. This should be a lot safer than the Oregano oil. Make sure you use ecologic extra virgin coconut oil.