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Linda Rebber
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I too, have been experiencing these neurological symptoms and was going to post something about it today. I have had on and off feeling of being too hot and too cold, especially at night, preventing sleep. I have had the zapping feelings in my legs. The past week, since I’ve started the Molybdenum, I have tighting in my arms, severe twitching in my arms, happening at night. It is gone in the morning. I was wondering if it was a side effect of the Molydenum, but I don’t see it stated as such. I was also wondering if it’s a symptom of die off or the candida in general. It has been scaring me. I have thought is this Parkinson’s?

After, reading the other posts (thanks for sharing), it does sound like candida can cause a host of neurological symptoms. I was considering stopping the Molybdenum, but I’m not sure. I had done a cleanse for 4 weeks and now I’ve been following the diet with some coconut bread and I experience die off every evening, skin itching, painful joints, brainfog. I added one teaspoon of coconut oil yesterday and within 30 minutes I was itching all over. It seems like I am very sensitive to the antifungals. Last fall I took Nystatin for 4 months, it lowered my symptoms, but after I stopped they have come back.

As far as testing for Candida Thomas, what are you talking about? From the candida questionaire, I test at the high end. I had a stool test for candida and it was negative. I tested positive for multiple gram negative rods and have treated for it. I went to two nutritionist and a naturalpath who all think I have candida and that it is systemic. They said it doesn’t always show as an overgrowth it the bowel if it has gone systemic. I know that when I quit eating sugar and carbs it gets better and when I eat sugar again it will come back within 2 weeks.

I’ve been having a rough time. I hope we all get better soon!