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moochpb;46371 wrote: I just got diagnosed with eoe, it’s an auto immune disease in your esophogus. It’s an inflamation in the esophogus from foods and the environment. That explains the bad mucous I’ve been having forever. Treatment is ppis, getting allergy tested plus blood allergy testing, and an inhaler I swallow. I won’t do the ppis but I have to do the inhaler because my esophogus is damaged. Unfortunately side effects is candida in the esophogus. Question is do I up my sf722 or just keep taking the maintenance dose I’ve been taking. Plus I’m cutting out yogurt, that’s my only dairy I eat. So hopefully the inhaler is short term. But having white blood cells attack my esophogus isn’t cool. Thanks

Hey Moochpb,

I’ve never heard of eoe and extend my sorrows for your suffering. One thing you may consider and the experts here might have experienced based opinions on: is cod live oil which has anti-inflammatory properties from my understanding: I take it in pill form 5 to 6 pills/2x’s daily and it has helped with the small intestinal swelling from what I can tell: dunno. I too suffer from esophagus candida, which is probably due to candida sinus post nasal drip: who knows but, I can relate to how awful it is.

If you can afford it, you may consider taking a candida blood test – as mine came back showing two values within reason and the mucosal value out of the roof….mucous lines the entire digestive tract which makes recovery from CRC that much tougher.