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Javizy wrote: Are you sure that’s how the test works? I thought if you burped soon, you had excess acid, and if it took more than a few minutes you have too little. Have you been tested for H. pylori? Maybe you’ll find this article about GERD useful.

No, I am not so sure. I only thought it would work like that. What you wrote make sense too but I didnt burp att all. Maybe I have to take a full teaspoon? Has nobody tested himself here on the forum. Would be good to share some experience.

Thanks for the link I am going to check it out. No, I have not been tested for it. I think my doctor said that most people have it and its counted today as a part of the normal flora and even if there is evidence for harmfulness it too is an important factor for immune defence and digestion. I see if I can press him for a check up.

thank you