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train21;31495 wrote: I cannot take any anti-fungals. It is impossible, the pain so unbearable. I have tried so hard, I am not weak, it just really is to painful. I tried to take 1 sf722 every other day, I could not do that. Today and yesterday I tried taking 1/8th of a teaspoon of coconut oil, that’s right 1/8th of a freaking teaspoon, I could not even handle that, I had to take oxy pills for the pain yesterday and some other pain pill today. I thought if I had so little coconut oil I would be able to handle it but I cant, so how the heck can I kill this thing?

I’m on anti depressants right now, and will be seeing my doctor soon and will be increasing the dose. I’m hoping that this will stabilize me and ill be able to treat this thing but I dont know. Also, I had a very strange experience with my candida recently. I have had deep fissures on my tongue for a while, and a rash on my hand that is very bad, very dry. about a week ago I started to feel incredibly better, almost fine. I have no idea why. I still had to exericce, but I felt litterlly 100% better. YOu would not beleive it, I cant describe how good it was. Anyway, guess what, during this time the fissures dissapeard!they started to heal, and my rash started to go away. This si why I dont think my anxiety and depression is caused by an chemical imbalance, because that went away with the fissures.

But the fissures came back, and I went right back to the way I was, and I did nothing different. I have no idea why that freaking happand, the only thing I did was eat kale, but I’m eating kale now and thats not helping, I’m so confused, If I cant stand the die off, I cant kill it, if I cant kill it, then I can never get better, what the hell do I do? Is there some sort of very slow way I could kill this thing?, I need help.

Hello you are like me and have a very sensitive stomach, I stopped taking antifungals(sf722 nd others) for now and just doing the diet, I am only taking multivitamins and eating really well, I could’t even take molybdenum for die offs because it made me feel worst, anyway I think you should slow down and eat healthy for awhile, can you handle the candida diet? just do that and then start on gentle antifungals very very slowl. I am about to start a new theraphy against candida and will report back to you if you want? My natureuropath doctor says its very gentle on the system. Anyway I hope your healing beins soon my friend!!!