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IF you are following the protocol then remember it is only a protocol. Everyone is different and must go at different speeds. The mindset in our western culture is that things can be cured quickly… just take this drug and your problems will go away. Meanwhile the problem is just covered up and we keep on living our life the same way. I have been through a long 5 year healing process during which I spent most of my time in the house and in bed (IM 32 now and was previously a semi-pro athlete). Ive detoxed every organ and rebuilt it, Ive changed my neurology with NLP, and well ive done so much I cant write it all here. But the pain I went through was unbearable and lasted for very long periods of time. In the end I can say it is worth it because I have cured my anxiety and my panic. I don’t worry anymore about things and life is just calm. I am very knowledgeable in how to heal the body and am nearly a food expert. I wouldn’t say candida expert but I definitely understand the body.

So I have only recently begun the candida diet. I couldn’t do it without first detoxing my liver and that took several years due to a lot of childhood trauma being detoxed. It has been 4 months now on the candida diet and I too cannot take antifungals. I get very very sick if I take coconut oil even a little. THe thing is the diet itself is killing the bacteria and if the antifungals are too much than you have to wait until your body can handle it. When you are killing the bacteria it is throwing toxins into your body and your liver cannot process everything at once so it will circulate in your blood and make you very sick. The best thing to do is wait until you are feeling better before trying antifungals. I am just now in month 4 tolerating a small dose of probiotics once a week. That is all my body can handle so I will not rush it. Also try taking milk thistle tea, it works wonders for the liver and has helped me a lot.

Well you asked for unconventional ideas so here you go. First I will say that if your depressed your energies are not crossing! Our energies must cross and if they go homolateral then you cannot heal completely and you can be depressed. You can google an exercise called the “cross Crawl” and practice this 3 times a day. Also you can look into a book by Donna Eden called energy medicine or look for a energy medicine practitioner in your area. AS far as the searching for an answer for the anxiety well… the idea that anxiety is caused by a chemical imbalance is absurd. What causes a chemical imbalance?? Energy. Everything is energy so learning how to oorrect your energy patterns will rid you of this anxiety problem. This however is not easy and takes years to overcome. We create everything! You have created this candida condition in your body via your subconscious.

For example. As a child I was fed so much sugar its amazing I wasn’t overweight. But this sugar nearly destroyed my organs. I was basically built on sugar not unlike many kids growing up today! I was completely deficient in vitamins and minerals by my mid twenties. This caused me many problems and a lot of pain. As I started to uncover the pain my parents (using a method called NLP) caused me by feeding me so much sugar I started to detox the candida. I didn’t need antifungals because I was able to tell my brain that I didn’t need the candida anymore. By releasing that pain I killed the candida. I know this may sound strange but there are a lot of people doing this. in my opinion conventional medicine cant cure us. IT can only cover up the real problem which will manifest itselt in some other way in the future. So that being said…Anxiety is an accumulation of many traumas that must be healed.

we have a tendency to blame the food for everything but it is not the food. It is not the Kale. THe cure lies within us not without. ITs not the food its your neurology. Everything is energy. Healing is a journey. There is no quick fix it just doesn’t work like that. Even if you cured candida that quickly it would take years to rebuild your minerals and vitamins if you are deficient. that doesn’t mean you cant live life and still be rebuilding them but its just to show you that there is no quick cure and to be patient with your body. The digestive system is very large and takes a long time to heal.

I highly recommend looking into energy medicine and acupuncture Stick with the diet and work on your emotions. LIver blockage is usual caused by holding in too much anger.The liver is also called the great motivator and if you are unmotivated or depressed than there is probably an energy blockage there that can be worked. on. be kind to your body.