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I agree restoring a gut balance is complicated but I am simply stating that this imbalance is caused by our subconscious and yes it can be restored as I am doing it and have already cured incurable diseases much worse than bacterial overgrowth. People are curing diseases such as MS and fibromyalgia with unconventional techniques every day – I have seen it. Everything is energy and yes everything can be healed by rebalancing your energies. I didn’t say it was easy or without pain or that everyone has the will to do it. It just sounds strange because it is unfamiliar to most people. Im not saying meditate and it will be restored, Im saying rebalance your energies and work on the trauma that caused you to take the antibiotics in the first place. Emotions get stored in our bodies and in particular the liver. You can release anger simply by clearing the liver energy which takes only 5 mins and you do it with your own hands.

This severe pain and lack of awareness can be due to acidosis and blocked energy in the large intestine. I have felt this exact same way many times. Like I don’t exist and like I want to rip my hair out. What helped get rid of this was eating a diet that did not put stress on my body. Green soups, congees, sprouted grains and some chicken. Eggs, Red meat, Onions, Garlic and any number of foods from the night shade family are known for increasing anger and aggravating the liver. Taking Milk thistle, b12, and zinc have also helped. The quickest way to help with these feelings is again by releasing the energy from the large intestine and stomach via energy medicine. Have you noticed these feelings come at a particular time each day? That helps you to know what meridian is out of balance. Also spinning and working in your first chakra will help to ground you.

I understand this is not the usual approach but I think that’s why it is exactly what people need. Another way. And yes it does work, candida is not immune to energy medicine. The Americans that do eat crappy diets and tons of sugar probably do have candida problems it just has not come to the surface yet. And if not candida most likely it they will attract something worse. It is not possible to be healthy eating that way. (energy medicine site)

It seems to me that you are really wanting to kill this candida but In my opinion you already are and that is why you are feeling the way you are feeling. Perhaps taking less not more could be the right strategy temporarily. For the sake of your sanity take it slow.

well I will not argue my point as everyone’s truth is there own and this one is mine. Every one is capable of using the power of energy to heal no matter what the condition. Energy Is all there is. Good luck