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Self-diagnosing can be a risky business, especially based on generalised symptoms. Antibiotics lead to a crapshoot in terms of how your gut flora ends up, and the odds of a bad outcome are shortened if there are pre-existing health problems. If you spent any time in a hospital during your treatment, then the crapshoot turns into a lottery.

Unless you have a typical case of candida overgrowth, which seems to involve bloating below the naval and recurrent yeast infections, you’ll have to experiment. Candida can colonise other areas of the GI tract too, so nothing is straightforward. When there’s bloating above the naval soon after eating, it seems more typically a bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Intolerance to vegetables and certain fruits (FODMAPs) are a sign of SIBO or other bacterial problems too. You may experience GERD in this scenario. Experimenting with a low-FODMAP diet that still contains sugar might help to alleviate symptoms and rule out candida.

Unfortunately, undoing the damage done by antibiotics is a long-term commitment, especially if your diet and lifestyle wasn’t very healthy to begin with. If you switch to a wholefoods diet, you should notice some level of improvement, and from there you can experiment with variations until you find what works. Thomas’ suggestions of gelatin-rich foods like bone broth and reducing fibre-rich vegetables are worth following.

This may sound random, but adding a daily raw carrot to your diet (also suitable on low-FODMAPs diet) can help clean up some of the bacterial waste in your colon, which might reduce some of your symptoms. I’ve been meaning to post the research on this one.