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Your symptoms do sound a lot like Candida from what I’ve read. Especially if you’ve been susceptible to yeast infections, this is usually a tell tale sign. I have many of those symptoms and more but you don’t have to have all the symptoms as it will affect people differently.

I didn’t do the cleanse as I didn’t think I’d manage, but I’m now 2 and a half weeks into stage 1 and I have seen improvements. I’m not as tired as I was, my stomach troubles have improved and I’m not craving sugar anymore. It’s a great feeling. I still want to eat more than I need, but I used to get out of control and binge. And even people who don’t have Candida will benefit from doing this diet. Clearing your body of years of preservative, sugar and caffeine build up.

I would say do the cleanse if you can. What you suggested sounds fine. I think the reason I didn’t do it was because I was scared I would find it too hard and fall off the wagon. You know whether you can manage it or not though so go with that and do your best!