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moochpb;34158 wrote: I think my one nostril is swollen cause I was getting a cold a few days ago, which I have now. If its gonna add more yeast and bacteria I don’t wanna take it.

All the more reason to up your Vit -C and I highly recommend ESTER-C brand, it’s a bit more expensive but, it’s so much easier for the body to absorb and use. I can get the runs from 5,000mgs of asorbic acid but, I have yet to get the runs from using too much ESTER-C and there hav been days where I’ve taken up to 10,000mgs. My typical daily intake of Vit-C is around 5,000mgs.

It’s water soluble which means your body secrets whatever it can’t use and it’s one vit the body can’t synthesize on it’s own. No one here want’s to end up with scurvy like the pirates of old along with candida due to a lack of Vit-C. 😀 It’s also a co-factor vitamin required for the body to absorb and use iodine which is critical to the thyroid (thus why it’s added to regular table salt method of protecting the population from goiter, etc.).

Again, blessings and I’m convinced all someone has to do is try ESTER-C Brand V-C and it sells itself despite being a bit more pricey. They also have a bunch of other immune building supplements which include Vit-C but, I haven’t no experienced personally using them YET myself….they caught my interest though.