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It’s interesting you mention the lymph nodes, because all the ones I can feel in my neck/throat, as well as the glands where the abdomen meets the inner-leg, are swollen. They’ve been like this for years, just like the distention in my belly, and just like most of my other symptoms. That’s why I’ve become convinced the key to improving the pain in my arms lies in my digestive system.

You’re right about emphasising colon health. I don’t think you can beat candida without a healthy GI tract in general. If your colon is plugged up, then the yeast has an ideal environment to hang on and grow into, just like any other pathogens that happen to be present. All the while your gut flora are struggling to breath.

I only started strong probiotics two weeks ago, so I might still be experiencing an adjustment period (many people complain of bloating/constipation at first). I’ll wait another week or so and maybe start with 1tsp a day of freshly ground flaxseed and slowly increase up to 2tbsp (assuming I don’t get some sort of allergic reaction).