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Flaxseeds are actually a natural bulk laxative that are as effective as prescription kinds without the side-effects. They’re also a nutritional superfood, full of protein, vitamins/minerals and essential fatty acids (these are incredibly hard to find in such large quantities). This is why I’ve been wanting to test them, but I’ve read that if your colon isn’t already cleared, the bulking action will make your bloating/sluggishness worse.

I’m struggling with 5-6 bowel movements per week, and I never feel “clear,” which is obviously concerning given the fact that I’m trying to cleanse my body of dangerous pathogens and toxins and give my gut flora a chance to flourish. It really feels like I can’t progress until I get to the 2-3 times a day stage you described. My diet is impeccable, so I don’t know whether it’s just a case of waiting or if I should be doing something to help things along. Maybe I should try a small amount of flax and see what happens…