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dvjorge;51064 wrote: Ok, guys !

Let me explain it clear. I am sure S. Boulardii works against an intestinal candidiasis.

My refer to Florastor doesn’t mean that I have proof that another brand isn’t going to work. I am telling Florastor because the success stories I am aware of were using Florastor. So, to be sure you success, I am telling Florastor. May be the same another brand ,and we don’t know it.

Jarrow Formulas S. Boulardii has Maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is a tremendous growing factor for yeast. It could be the reason why the lab added it to the capsules. I don’t know if Candida will reach it or not in the gut.

S. Boulardii colonizes the gut temporary. You need this colonization and avoiding anything that be antifungal. S. Boulardii KILLS candida species. They are antagonistic. Moreover, S. Boulardii is antinflammatory and facilitates the growth of friendly bacterial flora.

Dr. Sydney M. Baker, one of the authority and pioneer treating this syndrome in children since the 70s have used S. Boulardii to treat autistic children plagued with candida. He has had success using Florastor. It is documented and a very common topic in autism forums.

Do you want more proofs than the testimonies we have read in this forum ??

When I brought the idea to this forum, many people ignored it but some of them tried it correctly. Here you see the results. I don’t need these proofs since I have evidence it works. It is a matter of time and dedication.

Good Luck to all.!


Hi Jorge,

I wanted to clarify that other brand is working for me, nothing else. Since, i cannot find where to order it from to Europe destination. That might be helpful for somebody I guess.

Regarding Jarrow formulas, where did you read it has “Maltodextrin”? I am sorry to ask, but I cheched their website here:
I don’t see anything named like that (I dont even know what is it), I see this only: MannanOligoSaccharides as suspicious part of ingredients. Please advice.