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Jackie2 wrote: George,
It is always great to hear news of someone healing themselves. However, I have a question for you. You seem to say that you have had Candida for years on end. I’m wondering how long you were truly dedicated to the diet. You have only been on the forum for a few months. Yet you talk about your years of fighting Candida to no end. At what time did you buckle down and stick with the strict diet? Talking with medical doctors that are friends they highly recommend that people NOT do what you suggest with the enemas. They say that this type of behavior is common in folks who have AIDS due to homosexual relationships. They have strongly advised NOT doing what you suggest. I know we are all grasping at straws to find the magic pill, the magic cure. However, I can’t seem to find a post where you discuss sticking to the protocal laid out here by Able900 and Raster. I think that if they healed themselves this way I would like to know what amount of time you invested in the diet before going to this extream measure. One other question…how do you know that you are cured? Have you started to eat sugar, carbs? I’m on MONTH 8 and I know that I’m not cured so I would like to know how you know that your cured?
Again congratulations…

You should be doing the enemas. The chronic and stubborn oral candidiasis you report is a classic AIDS symptom.
Good Luck,