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turkishdelight;37312 wrote: Somehow if I do not go through the diet I can believe that there is a cure there waiting for me, but if I do it and it does not work there is nothing there at all, all hope is gone. Does anyone understand what I mean? It is all very well saying nothing ventured nothing gained but if I try it and it does not work there are no other options. If I do not try it I can always tell myself that there is an option available.

I do understand what you’re saying. But if you’re following the protocol and diet, it won’t take you long to know whether or not it’s working. If you go through a die-off period after starting the protocol and diet, then you will know you have a Candida overgrowth and the protocol is working, the same goes for a lot of different parasites if that’s your problem. In either case, there is a cure, but it’ll be up to you to follow the instructions as they are written and not the way you think it should be or not the way you want it to be. Cheating will take longer for a cure, and not following the probiotics and kefir instructions will only prevent a cure completely. Did you read the testimonies to the protocol? It does work.