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Hal123 wrote: Hi Angor,

I’m playing the same game at the moment too! I tried some at the end of last week, it was so yummy I ate about half of one instead of the small bit I’d planned, and felt better immediately after, but then started feeling rough 24 hours later. I felt better again, so I ate some more the following day, and then spent the weekend in bed with a stonking cold.

I assumed this was die off, but since getting to work this week I’ve found everyone else in the office is sick with it too, which means it much be an actual virus rather than die off. Also, I seem to be faring better than most of them, likely because of the diet.

Are you taking molybendum?

I had some more swede (the UK version of rutabaga) last night and again felt better for it, so we’ll see whether I end up sicker tonight or not I guess. either way I’m determined to introduce them properly into my diet!

Hi Hal, and thank you for sharing your story. I’m not taking molybendum since I haven’t yet experienced severe die-off symptoms. With the exception of the very first day of dieting, two months ago, when I took a pill of grapefruit seed extract and got the worst diarrhea and almost fainted. Also, I’m not 100% sure I’m actually suffering from a candida owergrowth. Though, my reaction to the grapefruit pills sounds much like a candida die-off. How about you, are you taking molybendum? How long have you been on the diet?