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hope4eva77;38859 wrote: Thanks hallmark and Able ,i appreciate the prayers i pray all the time to get the strength to keep going ,it is my emotional eating and sugar addiction that is making this diet so hard 4 me and i know that i can do this ,i just need to add a lil bit back so i dont binge .

ive decided on a green apple,almond butter,blueberries,kiwi,rice cakes plain brown rice ,brown rice pasta,and maybe organic dark chocolate or carob every 2 wks occasionally if i can get used to this i can slowly take foods away and get stricter ,i honestly didnt want to do it this way and thats why i kept trying to start over on stage one but so much time has past that i just am wasting valuable time and it really ridiculous .

[h]i am worried though that the antifungals wont work as im eating and feeding the candida !and i certainly cant waste more money and becoming resistant either[/h] i also dont plan on eating the above foods everyday but every few days mainly on my work days which is 3 times a wk and or day off that i clean whole house thoroughly as these days is when i tend to fall off track horribly

yes i am up to 9 tea spoons coconut oil and im waiting on sf722 .i will let u know how the extra molybdenum/ashwaganda goes ,i cant thank u enough 4 being so supportive ,u guys are the best ,my AA group really !

You were thinking smart when you wrote it. I hate the diet but at the same time I know it is vital.
I don’t want to be pessimist with my words because you deserve a cure. I know you will be prolonging your suffering if you go this route. If I were to open the diet, in your case, I will do it more selective. IMO, you are adding food that will increase the overgrowth fast. I am not sure if it is what you need to realize to understand you can not do it. Suffering is the best teacher I have had.
There is probably a balance where you can progress and at the same time eat a bit better than so restrictive, but trust me, it won’t be with fruits, cheeses, and even brown rice depending of the severity of your case.

I felt obligated to post it for you because I wish the better for you. I may be wrong, let pray for it, but my own experience and the thousands of testimonies I have read point to this direction.