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CT wrote:

I choose not to go out at times because i’m embarrassed, and I know I would have no anxiety if this condition wasn’t in me.

Yes I find myself avoiding situations too, it can be so frustrating because something I normally would enjoy becomes horrible. For example, I now never go to the cinema, I can’t stand being so close to people and them holding their noses, coughing, glaring etc. It even affects silly everyday things such as where to sit on the bus. I can’t sit on a bus without a newspaper to read so that I don’t have to make eye contact with anyone and an ipod so that I don’t have to listen to anyone muttering or laughing about the smell.

Thanks for the sit up tip, I haven’t been doing any exercise at all lately so this could be something that might help.

You don’t need to do the clense if it is too difficult. I didn’t do it, I just went straight onto the diet. The diet is not too difficult after the first couple of weeks. I find it helpful to list in advance the meals I would like to have for the week and make sure I get all the ingredients for that week then I won’t be tempted to try anything I shouldn’t eat.

If you’re up to it and your doctor is fine with it try and truly get into shape. I mean feel the burn from running or swimming, i noticed to more fat I burn the less the symptoms come. I’ve gotten over anxiety at the gym, even at school because people smell anyway when they work out so who cares. If you can’t go to the gym then at least try to jog/run outside and do sit ups and push ups when you have some privacy.

Also try and relieve as much stress as you can in your life, I find this helps as well. So take warm showers and do a bit of meditation, let the warm water soothe your body. The steam is also good for your pores as well.

Also I pleasure yourself, this helps relieve stress and helps you forget about what’s wrong. In the end keep positive and remember we’re in a first world country, at least we have food and can live. There are people out there who have it worse and worry about not having enough food or safety in their own homes.

Good luck