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Thanks for the reply Able.

My issue is I dont seem to react acutely to any foods (besides dairy and gluten which I completely avoid anyways)so it makes it difficult to know if a food is causing me problems because any reaction that may occur is very slow to develop.

Could you provide me with some carb options that do not have any starch? I have been avoiding any grains for a while and I find that this Paleo approach is causing my digestive system to slow down and I am struggling with constipation off and on. So I would like to get some more carbs into me without having the starch.

Thanks for your help!

Able900 wrote: Hello, Mike.

what is the difference between the carbs in the flours from the breads you suggested and the carbs in rice products?

The important difference is that rice is starch and the flours suggested aren’t.
Starch = sugar

As far as buckwheat…would these be ok?
– buckwheat graots
– Creamy buckwheat

Both of these ‘should’ be alright, but I would say to treat them both as test foods.

And what about almond butter compared to the almond meal required for the pumpkin muffins?

Personally, I couldn’t use any type of almond products during my treatment because I always received Candida related reactions. So again, if you intend to use these, test first.

Is there a tangible difference in how candida reacts to them…or is it more about a personal preference (in terms of how your body reacts)?

That question depends on the individual, no one can tell you if or how you many react.
It’s my belief that the Candida are somehow able to make use of any nut product; this is only due to my personal experience, and not research.