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gcha8e wrote: here is the link to the B vitamins.
well, what can I say. It was cheap! We did not give it to her yet.

I really hope you guys decide against giving your daughter the B vitamins. Look at the percentages of the daily requirements on the label, and then think about this:
Our bodies operate at their top level when the amount of each B vitamin is the correct ratio compared to the others. What this says is that there is a specific ratio of each B vitamin in the body as it relates to all the other B vitamins, and this ratio should and will stay as close as possible to the correct amounts as long as we give the body the correct tools (food) with which to produce the correct ratio. How can that ratio remain correct when we take over 8000% of what is needed of one vitamin but only 500% of another? Do you see the ridiculousness of synthetic B vitamins now? The only way to obtain the correct ratio of B vitamins is to add probiotics to the diet thus allowing the body to make its own B vitamins in the correct ratio.