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Thank you impossible and raster for your thoughts! I have a brief, updated description of my story on my blog at: I’m grateful for an eBook that charts my first year of discovery with these crazy illnesses, written in a way to hopefully encourage others. Info. is available on the blog.

My halotypes are: HLA DRBI 17-2-52B and 13-6-52B

Below are the 23andme results:

SNP Gene Variation Result Call

RS4680 COMT V158M +/+ AA
RS4633 COMT H62H +/+ TT
RS769224 COMT 61 -/-GG
RS731236 VDR Taq tt GG
RS6323 MAO A R297R +/+ TT
RS3741049 ACAT 1-02 -/-GG
RS1801133 MTHFR C677T -/-GG
RS2066470 MTHFR 3 -/-GG
RS1801131 MTHFR A1298C +/-GT
RS1805087 MTR A2756G -/-AA
RS1801394 MTRR A66G +/-AG
RS10380 MTRR H595Y -/-CC
RS162036 MTRR K350A -/-AA
RS2287780 MTRR R415T -/-CC
RS1802059 MTRR 11 +/-AG
RS567754 BHMT 2 -/-CC
RS617219 BHMT 4 +/-AC
RS651852 BHMT 8 -/-CC
RS819147 AHCY 1 -/-TT
RS819134 AHCY 2 -/-AA
RS819171 AHCY 19 -/-TT
RS234706 CBS C699T +/-AG
RS1801181 CBS A360A +/-AG
RS2298758 CBS N212N -/-GG
RS1979277 SHMT C1420T -/-GG

I’m looking into NB Wellness in Ann Arbor, MI at this time. The Candida protocol is really rough yet shows promise. Holding tough at an average of 4 hours per day total “tics of organic origin.” Yeah right. Last night: convulsions baby! Sish. Julie