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I’m going to use this thread as a log and document the supplements I’m taking as well as any improvements i’m feeling.

To go after the ammonia/sulfer issues due to CBS mutation first I’ll be taking the following:

1. Molybdenum 75mcg twice per day
2. Yucca Root 200mg twice per day
3. Boron 3mg per day
4. Vitamin E Succinate 400 IU per day
5. Low Sulfate/Sulfite Diet and Lower Animal Protein
6. (Heartfixer site also recommends Hydroxy B12 at 2000mcg / Day but I’m not sure how this will interfere with the mb12 I need for the MTHFR mutation)

Next I will tackle the MTHFR issues:

1. MethylFolate (Quatrefolic) starting at 200mcg per day up to 800mcg per day
2. Methyl B12 Sub-lingual starting at 100mcg up to 200mcg per day
3. Betaine 200mg

Impossible – One question: How long should I wait to begin the Methyl treatments for the MTHFR issues? Should I run the CBS treatment plan for awhile or should I start them both together?