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Naturegirl27 wrote: I am going to be moving from florida to texas for a few months and want to know how to keep the milk kefir grains while i am traveling. It should only take about 2 to 3 days to get there…

I think your kefir grains should be fine, perhaps a little “exhausted” on arrival if it is warm weather during your travel 🙂 What could help keep them stay at their best is, right before leaving/packing last things in the truck/car, put them in lots of fresh cold milk and pack in a little cooler with lots of ice or ice packs. If refrigerated at least at the beginning, they will ferment much slower so in 2-3 days they should still be healthy and your first kefir might be good to drink. If your first kefir doesn’t taste just right, just strain it and toss the kefir and pour a fresh milk for the second batch which probably will be fine again.

Are you driving with the things or shipping them on the truck and flying there yourself?

If you are driving with your stuff, then on the way get some more ice while on the road and add to the cooler to keep them refrigerated. Alternatively, you could try to find milk on the road and replace it, but this is probably going to be difficult to do.

If you are flying, as a backup you can do a following: take a little plastic/glass bottle, like from pills or something, and just put few little grains in there and take them somewhere with you. This is how my mom once brought them from Bosnia to California (at least 30 hour travel). Not sure if they would find it at the airport and make problems for you, but in my mom’s case they probably just thought it was medication and didn’t even ask any questions. If the other grains go bad for any reason, you can easily grow these to the amount you need very fast.

Hope this helps!