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You can eat buckwheat, right? So maybe 十割そば (100% buckwheat noodles) could save you some time. Apparently all other soba is mixed with white flour.

I’ve been meaning to ask you how you get on with the protocol in Japan. Does buying all the veg stretch your budget? What about supplements like probiotics and vitamin C, and organic milk for kefir? Have you found anything in a restaurant you can eat?

I’ve been considering taking a working holiday there in the new year if my symptoms improve. When I went in September, though, I was shocked by the prices of whole foods, and organic produce was crazy (a melon for 4000円). I was staying at a place close to Shinjuku, so maybe it was too central to be representative? I did see some more reasonable prices on markets.

Anyway, if you’re working at a Japanese company and you’ve managed to stick out phase 1, then you deserve congratulating. I’m pretty sure everyone’s gonna tell you not to rush things though. If you go out eating and drinking, you’ll expose yourself to 10s of foods/ingredients that could cause a reaction and you won’t be able to single anything out. It’ll be better to slowly continue introducing new foods so you can keep in control.