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CandidGut;52108 wrote: I follow Freddd’s methylation protocol, which works extremely well for me. There are a lot of potential issues, so I suggest anyone to spend a lot of time on this site, reading about Freddd’s protocol, the various startup issues and how to deal with them.

For me, I needed a LOT of potassium when I started this protocol. Read all the caveats and such.

I would like to mention that of all the methylation protocols, the one that is most likely to cause big problems in the largest percentage of people is freddds. Most people experience some wicked symptoms and an increase in sensitivities on that approach. Freddd calls it “healing”, but im in agreement with Rich Vank and some others about all that. People also need to realize Freddd has a rather unique and extreme condition probably caused by a rather unique and substantial genetic scenario that require him to use that amount of methyl substances, and then he goes off the deep end thinking thats the way everybody needs to do it. Works for some, again though, rolling the dice. I dont recommend it.