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Kag;36115 wrote: Hey Love, I will ask at work, okay? I work at a health food Co-op. I also know some midwives that may know something about this. I will try to find out tomorrow, okay?

Thank you!

And Thank you hope4eva77- Reese is my daughter. 🙂 And yes I do think at this point it will just be best to do formula and try to treat his candida as well. At least then I know exactly (to an extent) what he is taking in.

Raster- thanks for scaring the crap out of me with the ringworm and liver damage… :/ hopefully that is not the case for me but I am concerned with the changes I have seen- my hair is coming out by the handfulls when I brush it – although I can attribute this to hormone changes with the breastfeeding and it being only 4 months post partum. The oily scalp has just started. As far as the cost of healing this; we have already spent a small fortune on 300 + a month hypo-allergenic formula, numerous supplements, a visit to an idiotic very un-helpful local naturopath, numerous trips to the pediatrician, prescription creams, and a trip to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital to see a pediatric allergist/ immunology specialist. So at this point, flying completely across the country ( from N. Alabama) does not sound crazy – in fact I would leave tomorrow IF this person can really help me and my son. Breastfeeding or not, at this point I want my life back and for my son to be healthy and rash/ symptom free. Please send me the info and some back ground info on what would make him qualified to treat us. Thanks so much!