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Nurse Tanya
Yes I’ve had significant improvement. The only symptom I’m noticing is swollen fingers when I wake up & sometimes lasts throughout the morning. My energy isn’t the same go go Mo as I formally was. Now I take it easy & don’t stress out as much which is helping my healing more than anything. Hooray for Ashwaghanda !

thanks so much !
I dropped to 2 pills from 3 of the molybdenum last week & didn’t notice anything awry. I will cut back to 1 pill this week & see how I feel.

I’m drinking almost 1 quart of kefir a day & eating greek yogurt which affected me at first weeks ago so I backed off & slowly upped the amounts & feel like it’s a sponge to water = all good !

I’ll forgo the SF722 as I don’t feel the need for it. I’m still downing the coconut oil as much as I can stand. I eat a bowl of oat bran & drink 1 cup of chicory root every morning adding several tablespoons of coconut oil to both. I also drink nettle leaf tea throughout the day.

My brain fog has def subsided which is a huge relief !
I actually don’t mind the diet. My only challenge is eating in restaurants because I’m that annoying person ie “when Harry Met Sally”. Fortunately my man is very supportive.

Will continue on…
thanks bunches